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  • OMRI Listed

  • No Added Chemicals

  • No Heavy Metals

  • No Industrial Byproducts

  • No Animal Products

  • No Manure

  • No Compost

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  • No added chemicals

  • No heavy metals      

  • No industrial byproducts

  • No animal products

  • No manure

  • No compost       

100% Premium Organic, 100% Plant Based Fertilizer For Your Garden!

The garden plants displayed were organically grown using XtraGrow.

Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer Check List
Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer Check List
Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer on Lavender

IT'S GARDEN MAGIC! Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer AT ITS BEST!

"We used your Xtragrow on just one of our identically sized lavender plants for our garden and couldn't believe how fast and tall and strong the treated one grew! It's gardening magic! I come from several generations of farmers and never expected this. I will never again use anything but XtraGrow on my flowers, veggies and fruit trees. A little goes a long ways so it's very economical. See side by side photo below. The one on the right has XtraGrow.

Dave and Peg

Flower Mound, TX"

Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer on Basil


The Best Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer
"It sure makes a difference! Can you guess which one received XtraGrow? It tastes better too! Much stronger flavor in my pesto!"


Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer Makes a Big Difference!


"To whom it may concern,
A friend sent me a couple of Zip Lock bags of a plant food called XtraGrow when he found out my wife was an orchid grower on a small scale. At first she was reluctant of me applying it to her precious plants, but finally relented and allowed me to do it on her most common ones. After a couple of months went by I had forgotten about my little experiment. One day I heard her talking about how beautiful some of her flowers looked, so I went to take a look and saw the difference between the 4 pots I had treated and the rest of the bunch. When I remarked these were the ones I had applied the XtraGrow on, she decided that we should spread it to all her flowers and the results were amazing. She grew the most beautiful orchids in a very short time. The application is painless. The only tool needed is a spoon. We'll use only XtraGrow from now on. I am including some pictures of her flowers.

Thank you,

E.T., Miramar, FL"




"Dear XtraGrow,
I was very wrong! I was skeptical about using new things on my veggie garden. There's so much exaggerated advertising in the world. Your XtraGrow product really amazed me! Much better than MiracleGrow or anything else I've tried. The plants I treated in my garden with XtraGrow way out performed the ones not treated. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, beans, and strawberries all grew faster, were bigger and produced more fruit than the rest of my garden. They all had the same water, the same sun. You might find it interesting to know I once worked at a Univ. of Florida Ag experiment station, and they never, ever, got results like this. I'm enclosing a picture of two strawberry plants side by side while still in the pots at about 11 weeks. It's obvious which one is the one treated with XtraGrow.

Your customer for life, and new big fan of XtraGrow,
M.E., TX"

Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer Tomato



"Dear XtraGrow,

This patch of leftover garden was not going to be used this season, so it was a perfect site to test the product. Tomatoes were thought to be hard to imagine doing well in the unprepared dirt, and weeding was a low priority. My thought was "what would happen if" experimentation rather than any expectation of a harvest, but, guess what? Tomatoes grew! Our two tomato cages on the right of the photo show a seedling plant put there to grow without soil help. Our next four in line had one dose of XtraGrow soil enhancer at 2 weeks growth. Our two plants on the left had an additional dose of soil enhancer at week 6. As you can see, those plants are not super well tended. XtraGrow did the work! Xtragrow literally allowed the tomatoes to thrive and make great salad options for the family! Your product is very impactful and easy to use! Sincerely, H.K.Houghton,SD"


".... before our garden was destroyed by gophers, my veggies were doing really well. Better than ever before, because half the day the redwood trees near us shade the garden. I want to do the whole garden next year with your product if my hubby can figure a way to outsmart the gophers and squirrels, although our dog and cat usually keep the squirrels away pretty well.
Fran J., Santa Cruz, CA"


Dear manager of XtraGrow,
I don't have a garden but have a lot of potted veggies and flowers on my apartment balcony. In Texas heat, cold, storms and hail it's tough to grow anything on the fourth floor. But after applying some of your XtraGrow that a friend sent me, my plants just started growing up straight, strong, green and lush. It's mind boggling how fast XtraGrow made a huge difference I could see. Greener, leaves, more flowers, more cherry tomatoes, and so on. I'm your customer for life!

Sheila L., Jolly, TX"

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XtraGrow is a new concept in garden soil nourishment, we revitalize and feed plants using nothing but plants with our Premium Organic plant based fertilizer.  XtraGrow is Premium Organic ingredients, not compost, not manures and not industrial waste products. That means no nutrition is lost to an animal or bacteria before your plants get a chance to feed! XtraGrow will make a difference in your Herb Garden, Vegetable Garden, and indoor plants.  XtraGrow is 100% natural 100% plant based organics and contains the nourishment to turn your dirt into soil while making other ingredients in your soil more readily available to your plants. XtraGrow helps balance pH, helps retain soil moisture and helps aerate your soil. XtraGrow can be applied to any plant that is greater than two weeks old at anytime of its life cycle.

Xtragrow improves the nutrient content of the soil in your garden, and our ingredients have been mechanically and naturally processed to make nutrients more bio-available to the growing plants in your garden as well as indoor potted plants.

Whether you are growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, or other landscaping plants in organic soil, or plant beds of other types, if it is soil based, Xtragrow Premium Organic plant based fertilizer will make a big difference!

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