Gardening Tips and Tricks: Cultivating Green Success

  1. Proper Application of XtraGrow
  • NO NEED  to Measure Carefully: Unlike other fertilizers XtraGrow can never harm your plants. So feel free to grab a handful and toss! XtraGrow is FOOD not Fertilizer.
  • Even Distribution: For the most efficient use,  Sprinkle XtraGrow evenly around the “drip edge” of plants. (The area where a light rain will naturally soak the ground). This is the area that most plants have the fine roots that seek the high quality nutrition that XtraGrow provides.
  • Water After Application: The quality of your water matters! Rain water, well water, spring water are all better than “tap water”. If you must use a municipal water source please be sure to get a chlorine filter. Water the soil thoroughly after applying XtraGrow. This helps activate the nutrients to make them accessible to the plants.
  1. Seasonal Gardening Strategies


  • Prep Your Soil: Before planting, mix XtraGrow into the soil. It jump-starts nutrient availability for spring blooms.
  • Feed Bulbs: For flowering bulbs, apply XtraGrow during planting to encourage robust growth.


  • Frequent Watering: In hot weather, water your plants consistently. XtraGrow helps retain moisture, but regular watering is essential. XtraGrow helps plants grow significantly faster and larger so they can use more water than you might expect.
  • Boost Blooms: Apply XtraGrow to flowering plants mid-summer for vibrant blooms. There is no time that you can’t apply XtraGrow. XtraGrow is FOOD not Fertilizer so the plants are not forced to uptake nutrition, rather they have the choice to uptake nutrition when they choose to seek the resource!


  • Fall Cleanup: After harvest, add XtraGrow to the soil. It replenishes nutrients and prepares your garden for winter.
  • Lawn Love: XtraGrow keeps your lawn lush. Apply it before winter to strengthen grass roots. Just be careful, a little goes a long way… unless you enjoy mowing several times per week!
  1. Maximizing Plant Growth
  • Companion Planting: Pair XtraGrow with companion plants that benefit each other. For example, basil near tomatoes or marigolds near roses.
  • Mulch Magic: Mulch with organic materials (like straw or wood chips). It conserves moisture and prevents weeds.
  • Regular Inspections: Check for pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. XtraGrow supports plant health, but vigilance is key.

Remember, gardening is both science and art. Experiment, observe, and enjoy the journey! Happy gardening! 🌼🌿