100% Premium Organic 100% Plant Based
About XtraGrow

XtraGrow is a new concept in soil nourishment, XtraGrow revitalizes soil and feeds plants using plants. XtraGrow is 100% natural organics and contains the nourishment to turn your dirt into soil while making other ingredients in your soil more readily available to your plants. XtraGrow helps balance pH, helps retain soil moisture and helps aerate your soil. XtraGrow can be applied to any plant that is greater than two weeks old at anytime of its life cycle.

Our Story

Our product stems from many years of research and trials performed starting as far back as 1981, and more recently enhanced development, laboratory analysis and trial and error over the last four years in Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota and California. We have created a formulation that is entirely plant matter (no manure, and no chemicals) all natural organics treated with mechanical processing methods. XtraGrow is OMRI listed and has no added chemicals used in processing or as ingredients. Our product is carefully designed to help balance the pH of the soil, manage the moisture content, provide probiotics, nutrition, and acts as a pre-emergent weed suppressor. Xtragrow also promotes microbial activity and helps provide proper aeration. XtraGrow improves the organic component of the soil to allow it to deliver more nutrition on a microscopic scale to the plants root structure. The resulting growth permeates throughout the entire plant structure, leaves, roots, stalks, stems, flowers and fruit. We have observed pest resistance, wind resistance, hail resistance, and enhanced growth due to the boost that our XtraGrow gives to the root, stem, and leaf structures. Greater surface area on every leaf allows for more sunlight to be gathered. The plant is able to grow faster without limiting factors present in most soils. The results have been dramatic!